Citizens for Patient Safety, LLC is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. Citizens for Patient Safety (CPS) was founded in 2005 by Patricia Skolnik after she and her husband, David, lost their only child to medical error and poor communication. Patricia and David’s promise to Michael was to leave the healthcare system better than Michael found it; CPS is that promise in action. Patricia formed a partnership with Linda Sample in 2015 to broaden the scope and capacity to further her mission. Linda is very passionate about being part of the solution, improving health literacy and engaging and empowering patients and families to manage their own health and be part of their healthcare team having lost her father to untreated mental illness.

CPS’ mission is to increase engagement between patients/families and providers for better healthcare outcomes. CPS is committed to contributing to the achievement of the triple aim and our work is in alignment with National Quality Strategies and Goals. CPS provides curriculum, training and coaching designed to improve health literacy, strengthen person and family engagement as partners in their care and promote effective communication and coordination of care through Shared Decision-Making. CPS services include:

  • Training (including train-the-trainer)
  • Presenting and facilitating workshops
  • Broad-based consulting (e.g. developing and implementing Patient and Family Partnership Councils for Quality and Safety; process and quality improvement initiatives)
  • Curriculum design

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